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The Online training CPD is designed for individuals looking to become a personal trainer and specialise in online coaching.This is an excellent way to start your career in the fitness industry, and it can be a convenient option for newly qualified personal trainer’s who need flexibility in their schedules. This course will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful online personal trainer, from gaining clients to creating a brand that helps you reach more people.

Who is the Course For?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to become an online personal trainer and needs the flexibility of online training. It is also perfect for those who already have a busy schedule but want to upskill and enhance their personal training CV.

Why Take the Course?

Taking this course will provide you with a comprehensive education on the principles of personal training, along with practical skills and knowledge to help you succeed in the fitness industry. You will learn how to gain clients, market your business, remain organised, manage finances and create a brand that helps you reach more people.

What Does the Course Cover?

The course covers a wide range of topics that are essential for personal trainers. It starts with the basics of such as the essentials you will need to be a online personal trainer like website and brand development, social media ect.. It then moves on to more advanced topics such as how to approach and gain clients & client meetings . The course also covers business-related topics, such as marketing, social media, client retention and management.

What will you be able to offer clients once you qualify?

Once you qualify, you will be able to offer clients personalised online training programs that are tailored to their specific goals and needs. You will have the knowledge and skills to start working with online clients, as well as being well informed on how to built traction around your own brand. Additionally, you will be able to manage your own business and build a brand that helps you to reach more people.

You will learn through and have access to a variety of resources such as:

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